Listen to this please:

 “Your new business

It was exciting, sometimes frightening but you learned new things, got customers, took on staff and started making some money.

You had invested in it.

Long hours and money and guarantees.

Your family had invested in it – they supported you and put up with not seeing much of you.

But then things started to go wrong.

Was it one day or did it creep up on you?

Why did you lose that important customer?

The cash position was under pressure – staff were letting you down and things at home were showing the strain.

You lost confidence and with it inspiration ..

and finally, motivation.”

I wonder : Do you know any business owner for whom that resonates?

If you were writing a “feel good” story you might continue:

“At that point you contacted [advisor/mentor/name etc.] who shook your hand, looked you in the eye, smiled and said – “now let’s write the next chapter together”.”

This – as you will have guessed –  is the working-up of a website “pitch”.  Aimed at stagnant, moribund or ailing businesses.  Offering support to business owners who need re-energising.

The “story” is structured in the way suggested by Emma Coats who was a story editor with Pixar and worked on Toy Story.

#4: Once upon a time there was ___. Every day, ___. One day ___. Because of that, ___. Because of that, ___. Until finally ___. **

Daniel Pink in “It’s Human to Sell” (a good read by the way) included the idea of a story as one of six ways to pitch for business.

  1. Did you read the story?
  2. Did it resonate with reality?
  3. Do you think it might stimulate the “call to action” – encouraging business owners with problems to email or pick up the phone?
  4. Could you write a similar “story” about a potential customer who needs your services or products?

**(Much more at Here )