What’s not to “like”?

“Like” is not to like. Try not using that word when talking or thinking about our businesses. It's a subjective, emotional response. An example: “Here’s the new logo design from the agency – what do you think?” – the CEO asks the management team.  An important...

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Selling to big businesses

Another one from the archives and passing on some wisdom from a marketing star: If you are in business and don't follow Seth Godin or read his books, perhaps you should. His blog (of 29 May 2012) considers B2B selling where your "B" is small and their "B" is large....

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5 obstacles to a sale – Zig Ziglar

I posted this in 2012 on a previous website but it is still very relevant and perhaps helpful to some readers, clients and start-ups. Frameworks and lists are sometimes the catalysts to provoking action that produces results. This is one such list in my view...

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Learn from their mistakes!

Respect where it’s due. In most of us there is sly pleasure in recounting the times when we have been involved in success. The “man of the match” statuette on the sideboard – or the tale about how we helped this client and that client ….  ad nauseam Admitting failure...

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