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Inform Business helps business owners make decisions that increase:




Our advice is based on detailed financial analysis and review of existing operations and prospective changes – but with a practical understanding of challenges and opportunities that face business decision makers.  So the support given will be with deep insight, vision and added “energy” which has helped clients in many different sectors and with different issues over the years.

Fees are normally charged on a time basis though there are occasions where the risk of uncertainty of outcome is shared with clients.

Projects are accepted only with owners/executives who have:

  • the will to change
  • the authority to act
  • the incentive of personal benefit
  • good products or services in a viable marketplace
  • the willingness to pay for advice and support and
  • where the potential value of our input is expected to be higher than our fees.

Of course, we are happy to meet for a confidential meeting for which there is no charge.

Generally an initial telephone conversation can establish whether to meet.

Contact us at 07967 180615  or by email or through Twitter (see header/footer) 

Early stages

Early stages business challenges – we can help. Including:

• The preparation, development and critical review of business models and hypotheses (guesses)

• The preparation of business plans.

• The practical issues of setting up financial systems and administrative processes. (Though unexciting these are very important to the success of most ventures.)

• Raising funds if needed

• Employing staff

• Marketing and selling

• Monitoring progress

To discuss your needs please call: 07967 180615

Business booming?

Business booming? – or planning to scale up your existing business?

We can help with:

• Strategic planning

• Review of your business model

• Projection of required finance

• Identifying key metrics for monitoring progress

• Delegation

• Organisation and communication

• Team management

• Regular review

To discuss your needs please call: 07967 180615

Not so good?

Business not so good?

– profits are not rising – perhaps you are making losses or less now than in the past.

You know that change is necessary. We can add:

• An unbiased and experienced opinion – to help you consider the possible options.

• Expert thought on changes to the business model – “what you do” as well as “the way you do it”.

• The preparation – with you – of a plan to carry the business forward.

To discuss your needs please call: 07967 180615

Thinking about selling?

There comes a time when you want to sell your business.

We can help you prepare the business to enhance your exit value including:

• Review and prepare with you a strategic plan.

• Consider the many relevant personal factors such as tax consequences of your plans.

• Introduce you to business sale specialists and assist in the preparation of draft sale data and memorandum.

• Assist in improving business information systems so you can monitor your performance against plans.

To discuss your needs please call: 07967 180615

Working with Clifford on a sales, marketing and growth plan really helped re-energise my whole attitude to the business.

He helped me explore new ways of driving the business forward with a strong purpose and a detailed plan.

The results of our time together have already been significant.

I now feel much more motivated and very positive about the future of my business


Managing director, Confidential

[After a 3 hour New Business modelling session with Cliff – using Strategyzer]

It is really helpful to have an overall  plan or view of the business and I now feel that everything is “in one place” as opposed to all these ideas or bits of info being “out there”.

So the work on the detail can now start in earnest…  I can see there is much work to be done on the detail and testing.


Start-up founder, Confidential

A three month commitment to the discipline of structured management review meetings.


More details here:Support

Whole business reviews – using risk reducing techniques

  • Business Models
  • Strategic Plans
  • Business Plans
  • Action Plans

07967 180615

Modelling NEW businesses and proposed products and services

Help identify value propositions and validate product/market fit – increasing potential for success and reducing risk.

07967 180615

Communicate the relevance of the financial numbers and help develop management information reporting systems geared to decision making.

07967 180615

Financial systems review

  • Identify adequacy of financial systems and
  • advise on improvement and
  • where appropriate, oversee implementation.

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Prepare for sale of the business

  • Identify steps and actions to be taken to prepare a business for sale.
  • Assist with implementation of preparatory actions if appropriate.
  • Support and monitor the negotiation process.

Planning tips

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Acquisition of a business

  • Carry out top level review of business and potential.
  • Oversee due diligence process.
  • Support and monitor the negotiation process.

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