“Like” is not to like.

Try not using that word when talking or thinking about our businesses.

It’s a subjective, emotional response.

An example:

“Here’s the new logo design from the agency – what do you think?” – the CEO asks the management team.  An important question.

Anyone who says “I like/don’t like it” should be fired on the spot.  OK, maybe not on the spot – a bit harsh – but at least reminded of the reason for the question.

This is pretty basic but in deciding to have a new logo, various “business questions” would/should have been in mind.  Perhaps including:

  • What is the purpose of the logo?
  • What is the cost of the re-design?
  • What is the potential benefit to the business?
  • How do we test whether the purpose and benefit are achieved by this example?
  • And so on …..

And deciding whether the new logo matches the answers to those questions is the point of the conversation.  And whether someone likes it, does not take us forward.

That may seem overly analytical and even pedantic.

But why not try it?  The next time the “L” word springs to your lips (or mind) stop and ask whether the business objectives are being achieved and see whether that makes for a more focussed and productive conversation (or thought process).

Please like this post – OK, that’s a joke!